Welcome to Wiimali

The social environment (community) into which people are born, live and work is the single most important determinant of health.WHO, 2008

This virtual community will help you to develop your understanding of primary health care and explore the social determinants of health.

Holistic and person-centred care, views the person as both an individual and as part of a community. Wiimali will help you to gain an appreciation of the social history and life experiences of the residents of this community.

In Wiimali, you will see culture as integral to ones' sense of community, health and welfare.

Where to start: Begin by taking the virtual tour of Wiimali; then follow the map and explore some of the key landmarks. Your tutor will point out important features to focus on each week. The Wiimali Chronicle will also be delivered each week and the community radio will highlight current events and news. For insights into the demographic indicators of Wiimali you can go to the Council Chambers.

Wiimali means to light a fire. It is a word from the Gamilaraay Aboriginal language. Socrates said that education is the lighting of a fire and we hope that you learn from Wiimali, find it illuminative and are inspired to make a difference in the lives and communities of the people you care for in the future.